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Teleradiology Services



We provide high quality and fast turn-around remote radiology reporting services on a 24 hour schedule, with a solution designed to each individual client‘s needs. We have 20 highly qualified radiologists from Vilnius and Kaunas University hospitals and Vilnius Oncology Institute working in our company on part time basics. They are available to provide this service with a sub-specialties in:



We are reporting all types of imaging including MRI and Nuclear Cardiology, CT and CTA, x-ray and US.

Daytime Reporting: Fast daytime teleradiology reporting, with a one to six hour guarantee for all our supported modalities can be designed to meet your needs. The reports are written by experienced and certified radiologists, with the specialty and experience you expect. This gives you more time to focus on other factors and the ability complete all your daily tasks during the day. We are ready to deliver FRCR quality reporting services to you 365 days a year.

Nighttime Reporting: Fast nighttime teleradiology reporting is a service we are pleased to offer – designed to your specific desires. You can reduce your costs and get highest professional quality service. The reports are written by experienced and certified radiologists during your off-hour time. All scans are reported within one-two hours, depending on the request. We offer nighttime coverage 365 nights a year and cover all types of imaging that your busy hospital needs. 

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