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Baltic RAD captivated the Med@Tel participants

Baltic RAD captivated the Med@Tel participants (2014-04-11)

On April 9-11, Med@Tel, The International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum has occurred in Luxembourg. Purpose of Med@Tel is to facilitate international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth, and to offer unprecedented networking opportunities region-wide and worldwide. A variety of thematical sessions throughout the conference allowed attending a number of telemedicine field related presentations from research institutions, care provider organizations, companies and individuals. The exhibition was open throughout this entire 3-day event as well.

BalticRAD’s director Dr. Gediminas Kostkevičius held a presentation on how traditional health care systems, which don’t apply yet telemedicine solutions, comply with the standards of good medical practice and legislative requirements.

Other participants - Baltic RAD‘s sales manager and 3D reconstruction engineer – represented Teleradiology and 3D reconstruction services at Med@Tel exhibition. Baltic RAD attained attention from number of visitors from countries all over the world. They were glad that we, a company in such a small country as Lithuania, are seeking to catch up with what is happening in this field worldwide, and to provide innovations in the Baltic States Region. We believe that Lithuania really needs changes in the telemedicine that is why we are trying to bring them in.  

The event was supported by a wide range of national and international associations, institutions and media who are equally involved in the research, development or funding of ehealth and telemedicine initiatives.

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