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3D reconstruction of a mummy's remains

3D reconstruction of a mummy's remains (2013-06-29)

In May 2013  prof. Rimantas Jankauskas along with other Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, scientists performed CT scans of four mummies. BalticRAD participated in the project, whose 3D reconstruction engineers, using specialized software were able construct a 3D model of the remains from the provided CT images. The chosen Egyptian mummy, which is approximately 3,000 years old, was brought to Lithuania by the counts Tiskeviciai.

The reconstruction of the remains consisted of three phases: The first phase of the reconstruction of the CT images, required BalticRAD specialists to visually restore and create a 3D model of the linen wrapped mummy remains. During the second phase of the reconstruction, the mummy body was removed from the covering canvas. The third phase required BalticRAD engineers to identify and create the mummy’s 3D skeletal model. Determining the accuracy of this study was not possible, as any physical contact could damage the mummy. Quality control studies have shown that if a mummy is correctly stored, the tissue remains sufficiently intact and measurement error of the reconstructed model does not exceed 0.3 millimetres.

X-ray images of the remains allow anthropologists to get all the necessary scientific information in a non-destructive manner. These methods can be applied not only to archaeological research, but other objects of research or metrological verification.

To view the second and third phase of reconstruction of the mummy press and hold the left mouse button on the mummy picture. Moving the mouse will rotate the image.

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