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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the company structured?

We have team of radiologists that report for us as well as other leading medical institutions in Lithuania and England. The team is made of a wide range of specialists that will help prepare a solution to exceed your expectations. We have a support team on-site to manage the data center as well as administration that is a quick call away should the needs arise.

Are the radiologists certified?

All reports are signed by qualified and certified radiologists.

Where are we located?

Our offices and radiologists are located in Lithuania. We are expanding and always looking for additional radiologists that can be in Lithuania or anywhere else within the European Union.

How do we differ from other teleradiology service providers?

We provide full service as per the solution that is custom designed to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. We make sure to work with no delay, all day and night, every day of the year. We are here to work with you!

What kind of radiologists are employed (part-time/full-time)?

The radiologists work for us as well as other medical institutions such as Lithuania‘s University Hospital of Health Sciences - Kaunas Clinics as well as Alytus Hospital for example. It is key that the radiologists keep up with live patient work and continue to acquire hands on experience to serve our clients with the latest and in-depth views in the medical field.

Are the radiologists reputable?

All of our radiologists have or continue to work for medical institutions in Lithuania, England and other European countries. They all continue to work with patients and attend educational seminars – allowing them to stay up to date and continue to gain experience to serve our clients with the latest news and in depth experience.

What are your technical requirements?

Our radiologists can connect to your reporting and image system directly or your PACS can connect to ours using a secure VPN link.

How is security guaranteed?

The data is transmitted over a secure VPN link to and from our site – we have a deep security protocol within our offices that secures the reporting workstations and servers’ software and hardware. Your patient data does not leave our site and is accessed only by the reporting radiologist.

What types of contracts are offered?

We custom design a solution for each one of our clients. Our general service offerings can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact us, we promise to answer quickly.

What type of equipment is in place?

We currently have a PACS in place to accept images from our clients. We also have a RIS in place to manage the incoming images and reports. Our reporting workstations are all with medically certified displays and all have battery backups to guarantee uninterrupted reporting. Our servers are configured so that all data is mirrored, preventing data loss; there are battery backups that are also powered on generators, preventing any interruption in data reception or sending.

How will reports be communicated and sent?

Reports can be sent via different channels. The way of communication depends on partnership agreement. Please contact us for more details. 

What cases are read/looked at?

Our full service offering can be found here. Our radiologists have many years of experience in reading various types of MRIs, CTs, X-Rays and Ultrasounds.

Who is responsible for issues with PACS; images; modalities; technician work; patient?

All the image sources and storage at your location is for you to maintain and manage. Once the images are sent to our site, we take responsibility to present the images to our radiologists, have them reported and get the report to you. We also ask that you provide all the necessary prior studies at the same time as the current study when you send the images to us.

Where do radiologists read from?

They all read from our offices that are using medically certified screens and the latest computer equipment.

Who handles bad image problems (patient issues)?

It is important for your technologist to guarantee that the images that are sent to your or our PACS is checked. We cannot perform image quality control.

How are priors handled?

We ask that the client send us all the prior studies that are needed for comparison at the same time as the newest images.

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