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BalticRAD is one of the largest virtual radiological diagnostic clinic in the Baltic region. Our office employs 20 doctors-radiologists with deep experience in clinical practice at Lithuanian Health Sciences University Hospital of Kaunas, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos (Santariškių Klinikos), Vilnius University’s Institute of Oncology and The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in Vilnius. Our staff also includes a group of engineers whose focus is on 3D image segmentation, processing and reconstruction. They have all been brought together to form teams that are grouped according to their accumulated clinical experience and specializations – providing full coverage in all specialties.

BalticRAD was established in effort to bring together the highest category of doctors and radiologists, with the goal of providing radiological diagnostic services to health care institutions located in other European Union countries. BalticRAD's business goal is the export of radiological diagnostic services - teleradiology.

Having radiologists that are the highest category of specialists allows BalticRAD to form an expert consultation team that can provide medical consultations and conclusions when dealing with non-typical cases that require special expertise. These specialists also provide counselling medical institutions, doctors and patients that seek an expert opinion (also known as "second-opinion") in English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Our radiologists analyse and diagnose many types of diagnostic radiological images that range from X-ray and computer tomography (CT or CAT) to magnetic resonance imaging studies (MRI). BalticRAD's medical reports and descriptions feature exceptional detail. We are proud of our service reliability that is provided continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hospital emergency department medical orders can be completed in one hour.

Our offices are located in Kaunas, Lithuania. We are virtual because our communication with customers and provision of services is done in cyberspace and by phone. BalticRAD has no radiological equipment and does not perform radiology imaging onsite. We have the most modern radiological image storage, transmission and analysis equipment and provide customers radiological analysis, diagnostics and medical consultation services using this advanced technical equipment.

Staff has access to advanced servers and applications for radiological analysis providing the ability to restore internal human organs into a three-dimensional format. Such systems do not exist in other medical institutions in the Baltic countries. This software helps quickly identify medical abnormalities, while the separate contrast colours for individual tissues avoid error due to imaging shadows.  BalticRAD is pushing radiology out of the shadows of the medical field.

BalticRAD service packages are matched to individual customer needs. One form of services is provided to hospitals, with emergency departments, other customized services are offered to diagnostic and out-patient clinics, general practitioners or directly to patients.

In addition to providing teleradiology services, BalticRAD, also offers virtual 3D reconstruction and internal organ preparation services. For three-dimensional reconstruction of the patient's internal organs CT, MRI and ultrasound images are required and are used for pre-operative planning, production of individual surgical instruments (such as positioning guides), and the individual patient tailored implants. This service is provided by specially trained radiologists, technologists and biomechanical engineers. Read more about it here.

BalticRad ensures patient data confidentiality and security, as the radiological data is transferred to the company's servers using a secure VPN channel. Smaller medical institutions without a PACS (picture archiving and communication system), as well as individual clients, can submit their orders via our specialized portal. BalticRad guarantees technical communication support with any type of PACS.

BalticRAD is part of Europe's top ten largest teleradiology companies and is a member of the Medical Information Technology in Medicine Association of Lithuania.

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